The Brooks Power BPS4800 Aluminum Raceway System meets the demands of commercial spaces, providing a handsome and effective method of directing power or communications services where required. The low-profile surface mounted raceway installs easily. The two-piece raceway means wiring is always accessible and changes are easily accomplished.

1 Common covers Shares cover plates with the BPS3800 Series.
2 Datacom connectivity options Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.
3 2″ bend radius inserts Provides a 2″ [51mm] bend radius for Fiber Optic/Cat 5 installations.
4 Satin anodized finish Has an aesthetically pleasing appearance that resists rust, corrosion, and fading.
5 Removable cover and pre-cut device plates Provides easy access to wiring and maximum flexibility for adding or relocating outlets and circuits.
6 Dual channel and dual cover. Allows access to one service at a time.
7 Broad range of standard fittings Accommodates many site situations from internal and external elbows to flat tees.
8 Accommodates standard electrical wiring devices Accommodates most installations, including single outlets, duplex outlets, NEMA-locking outlets, GFCI outlets, and surge protected outlets.
9 Available Prefabricated and wired Manufactured to specified job site lengths, raceway comes ready to install. Jobs can be packaged by room, area, floor, or building and shipped per your job site requirements.
10 Electrical device identification for Prefabricated and wired raceway Eliminates guesswork or time-consuming tracing of circuits and speeds additions and renovations.
11 UL and cUListed multioutlet assemblies.
12 UL and cUL Listed component raceway
13 UL5 and ADA compliant Raceway and fittings meet UL5 specifications and can be installed in conformance with ADA requirements.
14 Custom Prefabricated and wired options available


1) Common cover plates can be used for BPS 3800 and BPS 4800 Raceways.

2) Cover plates available for most common power devices.

3) Lower profile bezel cover accommodates voice, data and video interface modules.

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