Custom Medical Grade Power Strips

Brooks Power Systems provides the highest quality Custom Medical Grade Power Strips. These multiple outlet strips offer medical grade duplex receptacles and a medical grade plug.

In cases where the number of wall sockets available to access electrical power is inadequate, a power strip may be used to provide additional receptacles. Most power strips consist of a housing containing a strip of electrical outlets. The receptacles are connected to an electrical cord with a plug designed to be inserted into a wall outlet.

Custom Medical Grade Power Strips

A typical wall outlet in the U.S.A. is wired to provide a single-phase, 120 V, AC signal and includes three contacts: a live or hot contact, a neutral contact, and a ground or earth contact. Power strips are also known as plug boards, power boards, power bars, distribution boards, gang plugs, PDUs and multi-boxes.

Installing extra wall outlets is often less desirable than using an RPT. When devices are connected to wall outlets, each individual power cord must be strung or laid out from the device to the wall. When multiple devices are connected in this fashion, multiple cords present multiple tripping and obstruction hazards in a healthcare area. In contrast, RPTs allow multiple cords to be connected to a single location.

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