Power Distribution Unit

Looking for the highest quality Made in USA custom Power Distribution Units? Brooks Power Systems offers a complete line of Power Distribution Units (PDU) for IT applications in server rooms, in Custom racks /cabinets or Computer tables.

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a type of electrical component that distributes and manages electricity supply to computers, servers and networking devices within a data center environment. It provides a central unit to control and distribute electricity across the data center components.

Made in USA custom Power Distribution Units

Finding the right power distribution unit should start with the basics. First, determine what kind of system you have. Do you have a single-phase power? Or is it a three-phase one? What kind of PDU mount do you want? You can pick between a horizontal or vertical rack. Sorting through these details will help you get the basic information you need to get to the next stage of the selection process.

Major features include:

  • Power levels up to 50A
  • Available for 125V or 250V applications
  • Units offered for 2 or 3 circuits with each circuit protected by its own circuit breaker for protection against overload
  • Single Pole or Double Pole circuit breakers available for 125V or 250V applications
  • Various Configurations of Receptacles are available with NEMA -5-15, NEMA 5-20 in single or Duplexes or Locking type NEMA Receptacles.
  • Models with IEC Receptacles using both C 13 and C 19 available to provide maximum flexibility for powering any system in 125V or 250V application.
  • Various types of end mounting to mount the units horizontally or vertically available
  • Special mounting brackets are supplied with each unit to reduce the installation time.
  • Cord lengths from 6 inches to 25 foot long available with NEMA straight or locking type plugs or cords with IEC plug on one end and NEMA Straight or Locking plugs on the other end are available.
  • All PDU’s are listed to UL 60950
  • Most of our products are made in USA with local labor and parts coming from US suppliers and other global sources

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