Rack Mount Power Strips

Brooks Power Systems provides rack mount power strips that conveniently provide power to your network components. These USA made rack mount units are specifically designed to fit within racks and enclosures. In addition to power outlets, many also function as surge protectors to defend against power spikes and surges. From economical to heavy duty, we have a huge selection including both vertically and horizontally oriented models. offers a standard line of 19” 1U rack mount units that are perfect for electronic rack and electronic cabinet applications. 20 Amp units are offered complete with 20 Amp circuit breaker. Custom units are available. All rack mount units are ETL Certified to the UL1363 Standard and come equipped with a 15 Amp or 20 Amp circuit breaker, mounting hardware (Spring Clip Mounting). These models have a GFCI Plug attached to the end of the power cord giving our product the feature of Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI). This will protect the outlets and the loads plugged into the power strip’s receptacles.

Rack Mount Power Strips

We also provide made in USA medical grade power strips. Our products undergo the most stringent testing to assure continuous, safe operation in any application including critical patient care areas in hospitals, health care facilities and medical buildings/offices. This product can also be used where grounding reliability and plug retention is required.

  • Constructed in Heavy-Duty BPS White Aluminum
  • Duplexes are Hospital Grade – certified to UL Standard 498
  • Cords are built using Hospital Grade Plugs for dependable performance and reliability
  • Outlets are individually tested for Continuity and Leakage Current
  • High Potential Testing is performed on 100% of these products
  • Units are Certified by TUV to UL Standard 60601-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment)
  • All HM Series units are built in the USA using US labor and material
  • 15 Amp circuit breaker

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Some of our most popular models include: the RM 750, RM 740, RM 730 and the RM 290. For our full product line, please visit our home page!

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