Custom made in USA Power Strips

Brooks Power Custom made in USA Power Strips are ideal for general use applications where additional outlets are required. The durably constructed metal housing allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting. Making them ideal for a variety of uses like computer cabinets, work benches, carts and various other industrial and office applications. Almost all our Custom Designed Multiple Outlet Power Strips are in assembled in USA using domestic extruded heavy duty aluminum housing and US labor.

Custom made in USA Power Strips

Depending on application, specially designed end plates can be manufactured and supplied. We offer options of various cord lengths (i.e. 6 ft, 15-ft or even longer up to 25-ft lengths). This gives flexibility to install the equipment away from the power source. All cords are available with standard NEMA or optional twist lock plugs.Some also support GFCI plugs.

Custom Designed Multiple Outlet Power Strips

Depending on the applications and space availability, we offer four different heavy duty channel sizes: BPS Industrial grade series, BL flat back channel, Slim Line units where space is an issue or LC channel where special outlets or higher current rating units up to 30 amps are required. All our units are supplied with built-in 15 or 20 amp circuit breakers which prevent dangerous circuit overload that could damage connected equipment. The breakers shut off AC input to the unit when it detects any overload.

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