Custom IEC – International Power Outlet strips

Brooks Power Systems headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey is one of few companies in the USA for Custom IEC –International Power Outlet strips.  Most of our products are manufactured in the USA with components procured globally with assembly done by a domestic US work force. Being US based we can respond quickly and have a very short turnaround time. We have the flexibility to build one unit or thousands of units to the customer specifications at very short notice and competitive prices.

Custom IEC – International Power Outlet strips

As mentioned, appliances continue to draw idle electrical current even when they’re switched off, and the only way to stop this energy wastage is to unplug the appliance. However, it can be tedious, to say the least, to unplug and re-plug each and every appliance in your home whenever you want to use it.

Power strips provide a solution; by housing several different outlets on a single bar, which itself has but a single plug that provides power to everything plugged into the strip, you eliminate the need to unplug appliances individually. Instead, all you need to do is unplug or re-plug the power strip and you’re good to go. They can be as effective as dimmer switches in helping you cut down on electricity you don’t really need to use.

Custom IEC – International Power Outlet strips

Home power strips are fairly compact, but industrial power strips are much larger and come with additional features such as power surge protection. You can also get power strips with surge suppressors and surge protectors for home use, but these are generally only necessary if you’re running several consumption-heavy appliances on a single power outlet strip.

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