New GFCI Protected Vertical Power Strips

These New GFCI Protected Vertical Power Strips are designed to safely distribute power to connected equipment in harsh environments. All of our units provide a convenient source for multiple outlets wherever they’re needed.

New GFCI Protected Vertical Power Strips

8 outlets distribute AC power to a wide range of power tools, pumps, machinery, air compressors and more. Convenient transformer outlets accommodate multiple transformers without blocking other outlets. A 12 ft. grounded cord with integrated cord clip reaches distant outlets. A GFCI plug protects users from electrical shock in wet or humid environments. A lighted on/off switch provides power control over connected equipment. 4 safety covers shield unused outlets from debris and accidental contact.

GFCI outlets exist to protect people from electrical shock — it is completely different from a house fuse. The idea behind a fuse is to protect a structure from an electrical fire. If the hot wire were to accidentally touch the neutral wire for some reason (say, because a mouse chews through the insulation, or someone drives a nail through the wire while hanging a picture, or the vacuum cleaner sucks up an outlet cord and cuts it), an incredible amount of current will flow through the circuit and start heating it up like one of the coils in a toaster. The fuse heats up faster than the wire and burns out before the wire can start a fire. Catastrophe averted.

The addition of this feature in Brooks Power Systems products increases overall safety especially when used in compromised locations or near water sources.

Our updated models using the GFCI Plugs include BN15-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, BN20-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, BL15-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, BL20-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, SL15-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, SL20-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, BPS-HG15-XX-YY-ZZ-GF, RM 120-GF, RM 130-GF, RM 220-GF, RM 230-GF, RM 240-GF, RM 250-GF, RM 280-GF, RM 290-GF, RM 720-GF, RM 730-GF, RM 740-GF, RM 750-GF

We also offer GFCI plug support in a wide variety of our product line.

If interested in Custom GFCI Power Strips, please ask if this feature is available to be added to your current product or create a custom design to meet your own specifications.

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