- New Product Launches

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Brooks Power Systems headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey is one of few companies in the USA for building custom GFCI Power Strips.  Most of our products are manufactured in the USA with components procured globally with assembly done by a domestic US work force. Being US based we can respond quickly and have a very short turnaround time. We have the flexibility to build one unit or thousands of units to the customer specifications at very short notice and competitive prices.

We can custom build Vertical Power Strips, Power Distribution Units, Medical Grade strips, IEC units, Rack mount products or Surge Suppressors for various applications. We are one of the leading suppliers for providing surge suppressors for Ship Board applications.

In 2019 Brooks Power Systems has added custom made GFCI protected models rated for 15 /20 Amps, 125 volt, which are ETL certified to UL 1363. These GFCI products are available in our Slim line and BN series, as well as with our Rack mount units. 

Please contact us for any of your custom Power Strip requirements or visit us on our website at: www.brookspower.com